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  • “Mary Vitas of Ascend Editing & Critique is a consummate professional, and a very down-to-earth and responsive editor. I received my edits before the agreed upon due date and they were meticulous and detailed. I strongly appreciated how willing she was to listen to my specific requirements. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Aubrey Coletti, author at Escape Artist Press, and repeat client
  • “. . . the point you made about similar points of view is very, very helpful and absolutely on the nail. It’s exactly the kind of thing I wouldn’t see myself. Or I wouldn’t see until several thousand words in and then have to do a major rework!” – E.M. Powell, author of The Fifth Knight, the #1 Amazon bestseller
  • “The suggestions I received were clear, consistent, and careful. I say careful because I really feel that the integrity of my work was protected here. I also believe I’ve made vast improvements in this first book using these helpful suggestions.  This is my first time working with any editor, and I have to say I’m very satisfied with the quality of suggestions I’ve received from Ascend Editing & Critique at so low a cost! Mary’s  someone you can trust with your work. She often provides extra advice. She’s a great find!” – Arielle Strauss, author of The Wraith and The Huntress, and repeat client
  • “I’ve worked with Mary for over a year now and am always grateful for her insightful critiques of my work. She is always able to point out issues with my WIP that I miss, both big picture plot problems and nitty-gritty line edits. She’s made several suggestions that I have integrated into my work. I am always appreciative that Mary doesn’t try to change the voice of my work, but just improve it so that it shines as bright as possible. A manuscript that I worked with Mary on recently placed 2nd in an RWA contest and I received a request for the full manuscript from the final editorial judge. I have no doubt that without Mary’s help to improve the project, this wouldn’t have happened!” – Elizabeth Grace, author
  • “Ascend Editing has been my ‘go to’ resource for editing manuscripts and presenting a polished and professional product.” – Lisa McKinney, author
  • “After three different editors, I finally found one that is honest and does what I expected. Mary is great, and I’ll come back for her services.” – Olivia Clark, author
  • “Awesome feedback! Working with Ascend Editing & Critique has been an excellent experience.” – R. A., author
  • “WOW!!!! Love the comments and edits! I agree with every one of them. You even gave me a few ideas to add. Thank you so much!” – O. B., author
  • “Great observations! You got exactly what I was trying to convey and helped me get my point across.” – J. C., author
  • “Mary is a wonderful beta reader! She gave me a lot of insight into the problems of my story with her constructive comments and it’s obvious that she read with a great deal of care and respect. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone.”  – Mance Miller, author
  • “Perfect for helping first time writers find their voices.” – J. D., author
  • “I have worked with Mary twice, once as a beta reader and once as an editor. In both cases, she has provided invaluable advice, support, and guidance. She’s straight-forward in her feedback and edits but everything served to strengthen my voice. Mary really went out of her way as an editor to help me and on top of that, I received the manuscript back much faster than I had expected! I can’t recommend Ascend Editing and Critique enough.” – Mance Miller, author, and repeat client